Drug abuse is something common today. Every now and then, we hear or read about it in the newspaper. However, when alcohol or drug affects a friend or family of our own, the feeling of guilt, anger and regret can make us less supporting to those people. We know that staying ally to someone who is in an alcohol rehab does not come naturally. People, who do not have firsthand experience with addiction, can find it difficult to support their loved ones. Therefore, we thought to share the five best ways to support your loved ones and make them recover faster.

  • Do not dig into past actions

One of the most important things you need to keep in mind when you are interacting with your loved ones at the alcohol rehab is that all interactions need to be positive and supportive. If you rehash painful events from the past, it will only serve to sabotage the rehab process as you will be laying more guilt and blame on that person. Keeping your conversation with a positive undertone will help to rebuild self-esteem, confidence, and hope in the recovering person.

  • Try to realize the state the recovering is going through

It is not possible to grasp the phase through a person at the alcohol rehab center is going through, but you can still make the best efforts to understand his or her state. This means you need to ask questions about their recovery or may be reading out to them the ways a strong addiction affects life. You will come across a plethora of resources over the internet to educate yourself about addiction and alcohol rehabs. If you educate yourself about these topics, your loved one will feel that there is someone to care truly about what are they going through.

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  • You need to be an active participant

Alcohol or drug addiction affects a user badly and takes a toll on everyone who cares for them. Some might breathe a sigh of relief as soon as they enter a drug or alcohol rehab. However, your job does not get over. The recovering person needs your full support, encouragement during the rehab process. This means you need to write a letter, visit as much as possible as recommended by the rehab center and actively take part in the counseling sessions.

  • Support them if they take up a new hobby

n an alcohol rehab, a recovering person finds more leisure to take part in various activities compared to those times when they had acquired the bad habit of drinking. Therefore, this helps to develop new hobbies to fill this time. If you find these activities healthy and helping them to overcome addiction, then support them. Even you can take part in their activities and make it clear that you support their new interest.

  • Tell them how you feel

It is important for you to understand what phase your loved ones are going through. Similarly, the recovering person needs to understand how you feel. This way you both stay on the same page and expectations are clear. If you are proud of your loved ones tell them, and even if you feel frustrated or confused say that too. Honesty is the best way to understand what you both need from each other.

As the circumstances of addiction or recovery in an alcohol rehab may vary, so this advice may work for some people, and not for all. However, the most important thing is to have a conversation with the loved ones so that the expectations on both sides remain achievable.