Everybody has a different opinion for when dieting is most successful for them. One of the most popular times to diet is at the beginning of the year. Many people include weight loss or improved health in their new year’s resolutions or think that spring time is the ideal time to diet, since they will be motivated by revealing summer clothing and longer more active days with the family. Some people just tend to overeat or under exercise during the holiday season, so the start of the new calendar year signals the end of the holiday season and often means trying to muster more self-control or discipline. For me, I find the most realistic time for me to start a diet is at the beginning of a new school year. My kids tend to be trying to start fresh with new habits and routines which gives me the opportunity to do the same thing. There are a few ways I can give myself a better chance of meeting my goals and dropping the pounds. I find that following a few tips and pieces of advice puts me on a better track to success.

Plan It Out

Creating a plan from the very beginning will set you on a path that feels easy and thoughtless, which is important when you are also met with busy schedules, more driving around between school and sports, and less time for dinner prep between homework help and showers. Creating a schedule that outlines when you will work out, what type of work out you will do, and when you will rest is important because it gives you a set routine to follow. Another part of planning includes food menus. You want to try to create a menu for each meal you will eat for at least two weeks at a time. I know this sounds extensive but I promise it will help you with shopping lists, cut down on prep time, and force you to stick to it a little more.

Include the Kids

One of the hardest parts of dieting when you are a mother, is the temptation that comes from the food your kids eat. If you are like me, part of your day’s food intake comes from what your kids leave behind, whether that be on their plate at home or left over from the school lunch, sometimes it becomes your snack, or on the busiest days, your dinner. I am not saying that you should put your kids on a diet that they may not need based on their health, but I would suggest trying to create a healthier mix of meals for your kids so that they can get an early start on understanding the benefits of whole and hearty eating. The bonus to this, is that it eliminates eating whatever junk snacks you keep in the pantry if you don’t buy it to begin with. Go to the Disney Store and let your kids pick out special new lunch boxes or school supplies to give them a little incentive to be excited for the new meal plan.