About 10% of the human population does have pet allergies and 30% of the asthmatic people are specifically allergic to domestic animals. Therefore, if your kids have asthma, you must find whether your dog or cat is the one responsible in triggering such condition.

The real problem

Most probably, you already heard about it, but still you shouldn’t blame your pet’s fur. Generally, allergies can be due to the reaction of your body on the protein, which can be found on your pet’s dander, feathers, saliva and urine. Although their pet hair isn’t the real problem here, these type of protein may just cling around their fur as soon they lick themselves.

Apart from that, based on best cat hospital in Sydney like Gordon Vet, animal’s fur could accumulate pollen, dust mites as well as other allergens. Whatever your pets, it will always produce droppings which can attract dust mites and molds.

There are rumours, which, says that particular breed of cat, and dogs especially those who don’t shed will never ever cause asthma. However, most warm-blooded pert do shed allergy-causing problems that can eventually cause an allergic reaction.

What to do?

So, to break your doubts whether your kids have an allergy on pets, then try to test him/her. When you find out that he/she has pet allergies, you need to decide if you will find them new home or keep them. But for the health safety of your kids, you must eliminate though it won’t be the happiest or the easiest way to do things.

For some instances, your experienced Ku Ring Gai vets from Gordon Vet may approve on the presence of a pet though your child is receiving allergy or medicine shots. If this is the case, you still need to limit your kid’s exposure to your pet like through keeping your beloved furry friends out of their playing areas and bedroom. Though this could be too hard to impose, you must try to at least teach how to avoid kissing and hugging the animal. Dusting and vacuuming regularly as well as avoiding rugs are a good way to prevent any complication.

Sadly, this may be not enough though. Since animal allergens are known as airborne, your HVAC system may spread allergen all over your house even though your pets are outside your house.  They are not even ideal to be kept within the yard because some of them could be carried through clothing. Moreover, it is not fair for your pets to do this.

So, if you really want to keep your furry babies within the vicinity, you must:

  • Purchase air cleaner. As much as possible, choose HEPA air cleaners. This can greatly help particularly for people who have allergies to cat. You can also buy vacuum with HEPA filters.
  • Put cat’s litter box away from your kids and air vents.
  • Don’t let your kids brush and wash your pooch and cats once a week
  • Promote cleanliness in your family through encouraging them wash their hands right after they play with their pets.
  • Don’t allow you pet to be near your kid’s bedroom, rugs as well as upholstered furniture. You have to shut your door on some rooms or utilize baby safety gates in order to maintain cleanliness and organization within the room.

Now that’s everything is settled, don’t forget to explain this to your child so they won’t get mad. It is also important for them understand what is really happening for their safety.