Cytomel t3 is very popular among women who build their muscles since many women have a lower level of metabolism than men. To achieve the full range of competitions given today’s parameters is the most difficult task for women. Women, of course, are more dangerous than men, but they usually seem to be fine with 50 mcg / day.

It is important for a doctor to investigate your health problem now before buying a cytomel t3 to help you avoid more health problems

Side effects

Side effects may include, but are not common

Heart wounds


Shortness of breath

Normal heart



Headache and mental / metabolic problems

Cytomel t3 is really a powerful hormone and one that can change the normal function of the human body if it is used. When taking t3 cytomel, one should make sure to increase the size slowly by slowly.


Cytomel t3 is especially popular among athletes in body building. Female hypometabolism is an intention of inheritance, so it is difficult to reach a critical level by current competitive standards. A horrible obstacle in food, around a thousand calories a day can be avoided by taking cytomel t3. Women are interested in different effects, but it is a tolerant drug and measures 50mkg per day. The typical t3 cytomel receptacle for a satisfactory measurement is not much healthier than fewer calories.


About the dose, one should be careful, because it is a very high risk of glands of the gland. It is important to start with the lowest dose, which increases for a few days, slowly and gradually many of the athletes, starting from 25mkg chips per day and increasing the dose by another every 3-4 days. No more than 100 mcg of prey per day are recommended. The advice for the daily measurement in the tests is divided into 3, which allows tolerance to medications. The precaution is eliminated by the fact that cytomel t3 cannot take more than 6 weeks. It lasts for up to 6 weeks, followed by a two-month break. Those who keep it high and long, have the risk of skin disease. The test at the end of the medication should decrease slowly and gradually.

Who can take Cytomel t3?

Who will take t3 cytomel must first notify the doctor and know if he has hyperthyroidism. The possible effects, which causes the substance, the deepening of the tolerance limits for individual Liotironin or overdose, especially with the rapid increase could lead to the initial treatment of the following associated with clinical signs of hyperthyroidism: heart rate, cardiac controversy, sweating, diarrhea, weight loss, mental illness, extraordinary damage, heart attack, sugar in the urine, etc. The main problem is in tremors, nausea, headaches, intense sweating and heart. These items are usually supplied by reducing the daily rate. However, when taking cytomel t3you must be very careful, as this medication is a quick step.

Where to buy?

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