Steroids were initially used to boost energy and enhance performance. It was only after that people realized it can also be used for medicinal purpose. Osteoporosis, asthma, weight gain, breast cancer, anemia and delayed puberty are some of the problems that can be treated with few of the steroids. One of such steroid is Anadrol that helps in curing Anemia and is famously called as A50 or A-Bombs by athletes.

Generally, athletes prefer steroids as pills or in powder form, but Anadrol is also taken in liquid form, but its function is still a secret. However, it is always suggested that the dosage should be measured before diluting it because extra dosage can always be harmful. Any type of Anadrol has same features that is to build muscles and enhance stamina and power.

Anadrol is an anabolic androgenic steroid that copies the features of testosterone hormones. As discussed above, it was earlier used to treat anemia where anemic patients took it as a supplement for growing muscles. However, it is used under the guidance of a physician so that it doesn’t seem to be risky. What concerns us is the misuse of Anadrol by people to grow muscles for better physique.

The properties of Anadrol are –

  • Maintaining nitrogen retention
  • Increase in RBC count
  • Initiate anabolism
  • Reduce catabolism
  • Increase weight

In the body building, it is preferred to take oral tablets. Manufacturers are mostly unaware of the quantity that should be diluted in liquid form, which leads to severe side effects. Although any steroid for a beginner is recommended at low dosage, still extreme caution is taken before deciding the amount. Thus, different dosages are decided in different form. In case, you would like to know its effect, you can always check reviews of a liquid cycle online.

Anadrol being a strong steroid is unavailable without a prescription. Due to shortage of consistency it isn’t allowed in liquid form legally. Therefore, anyone buying it from black market or underground sources should be extra cautious. Generally, products taken from black market are never accurate in quality of ingredient, manufacturing process and measurement.

Misuse and overdose of liquid form of Anadrol cannot be ignored. The side effects are equivalent to other types of Anadrol. However, the problem of accurate measurement leads to higher risk. Liquid Anadrol also provides many benefits to many users if they take it in right measurement and under proper guidance. After the completion of cycle, if they follow PCT, then it helps in further improvement.