The oral form of the Promobolan tablets is not as common as the injectable forms of the other anabolic androgenic steroids. It is a daunting task to find the oral form of this steroid. They are effective and are chosen by most of the bodybuilders and athletes all over the world. The Promobolan is a popular anabolic androgenic steroid. They are meant to be used for medical purposes. They are not supposed to be used for non-medical purposes, including performance enhancement or bodybuilding. This is a common practice and its results are not always expected.

The oral Primobolan Tabs are available with milligram strength of 25mg, 50mg and 100mg. They are not too popular, as they are not immediately bioavailable like its injectable form. This is because; an oral form requires filtration as well as digestive processes by the liver, before releasing it into the bloodstream. This can contribute to liver strain and toxicity. Also, it reduces its potency. It is believed that the injectable steroids have higher potency and length of the activity, which is known as the half life or the active life.

The Promobolan is a derivative of the dihydrotestosterone. This is most potent than the testosterone. It is most commonly used in its injectable form and is available in its tablets form as well. It is believed that the use of 100 mg tablets of Promobolan by a bodybuilder may provide numerous benefits to them. They are not limited to:

  • Accelerated development of lean muscle mass
  • Boost in the level of testosterone
  • Increase in the production of the red blood cells
  • Enhanced strength
  • Enhanced synthesis of protein and many more.

The results experienced by men on use of the Promobolan 100 mg tablets are not as expected. This has been reported that several beneficial results have been seen on use of the Promobolan by the women. The injectable dosage of Promobolan for females is 50mg-100mgh per week. The dosage recommendations for the Promobolan are that it is supposed to be taken in 100 to 150 mg in a day. This dosage depends upon the medical condition, which is to be treated.

This has been seen that the dosage of the Promobolan has been decreased by the bodybuilders, as it has the ability to cause liver strain. The users are recommended to start with a lower end of the range of dosage. The users need to wait for one to two weeks, so as to see its effects before increasing its dosage. There are possibilities of the improvement of the results of Promobolan on combining it with injectable form of other anabolic androgenic steroids.

This may increase the risk of liver toxicity and the risk of adverse reactions. The oral Promobolan tablets have been introduced, so as to increase efficacy and reducing the potential of toxicity to the liver. This can have a negative influence on the enzymes of the liver as well as their functions. This can increase the risk of liver dysfunctioning.