Dr Oz Rapid Weight Loss Plan

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Dr Oz Rapid Weight Loss Plan

Dr Oz Rapid Weight Loss Plan

Hey y'all! Today I wanted to do an update to Dr oz 2 week rapid weight loss diet plan that I had. I changed a little higher during the past 2 weeks that you do it. OK here's my workouts I work 5 or 6 days a week. In the morning I do anywhere from 15 to 20 minutes of cardio and toning, and all that. Then do 5 to 10 minutes at a time during the work day. Like on my lunch break or maybe midafternon. And then when I do that usually watch Jessica Smith here on YouTube. She had like 3 or 4 5 minute ab workouts standing. a couple of people. You can just Google standing exercises or workouts after 5 minutes or 10 minutes. That's what I do at work.

And then every night sometime before I go to bed, I don't do it so I like sweating or anything, but I'll do crunches, push ups, Tricep dips, squats, some sometimes and maybe something else to do with toning my core or legs. I do so only for like maybe 5 minutes, maybe 7, but might not be even 5 minutes. It doesn't take very long. So my workouts. I do so, I would say that five or six days a week. I changed the food preparation. # 1 I'm lactose intolerant, just honest with ya. I'm lactose intolerant. The yogurt was not only, even though it was like Greek yogurt, which I think it's like either dairy or dairy-less, some of the powders, protein powders I have been using and just stuff like that. You will have to put some kind of liquid in there, and I don't like soy milk or almond. It just tastes very bad for me. There was even a bit of milk 2% there. And still, it just didn't work with my body. So I stopped doing it.

So now I eat fruit for breakfast, and sometime as snacks. Then lunch time eating either get mix salad mix or mix the coleslaw, you'll eat that with Turkey Burger or a couple of slices of Turkey episodes. I'm going to eat as a snack in the afternoon, I will eat a handful of almonds or mixed nuts, because I love cashews. I love everything. Or edamame that you microwave in bag, I got some of that. Do not put salt on it.

And still good. So that's what I do for snacks. Then I got at night where I just eat with my family. Whatever you eat, will eat the same thing. Just eat smaller portions than they are of what I ate before. In a total of 2. Set of 4 weeks I've been doing it the first time, the first 2 weeks I went to bachelorette party where I ate too much. The second time I went to New Orleans "con" and ate too much. And really good food and southern food such as beans, red rice, jambalaya, fried food, fried, Ah you know get a bignates covered with powdered sugar and you have hot chocolate to go with it. So I gained, I didn't gain all the weight back. But I gained a pound or two back then they largely lost the next 2 days to return home.

Altogether from beginning to end lost a total of 8 million pounds. And I'm happy with that. I went from 1pounds and now I am £ 1. And I just wanted to lose to 130. So I might try to get down to 130. And lose that pound and a half. But if not, I'm okay with that. If you just keep it and not getting any from the rear of the weight. So I'm going to keep up with the fruit at breakfast, Turkey burgers and a salad for lunch. And those Turkey burgers might get, was flavored to taste like hamburger meat, like hamburger patties.

They are fine! I like ' EM. Yes, I'm happy with it, so if any of you have done that, let me know. I wish you good luck, I hope it works out for you. Say no to add any additional process, and that is fine but when you are trying to lose weight or maintain your weight, you need to exercise. You need. And you need to exercise, people need to exercise anyway. It is good for your heart, it is good for the body. We all practice. So don't let that you just think that says don't add extra practice, that means extra.

I didn't like crazy tomorrow just because you want to do this diet. It will hurt your body. But you need to moderate, mild to moderate exercise if you haven't already. And keep a workout you can do if you actually exercise. This is my experience with rapid weight loss diet plan week Dr oz 2. You changed so not really be that anymore. It's just kind of what I adapted to my needs and my desires, I guess you could say. And so yes, that's all. Thanks for watching! Bye y'all.
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